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The evergreen plants in the Soto edit provide year round greenery to your outside space.
Outdoor Space
Plant type
Hellebore Lisann White flowering Hellebore
Hellebore Lisann
3 Litre pot
Kew Green Skimmia x Confusa 'Kew Green' is the perfect plant for urban gardens
Kew Green
20 Litre pot
Mexican Feather Grass Mexican Feather Grass and Geranium Rozanne is a perfect pairing.
Mexican Feather Grass
2 Litre pot
Irish Moss Irish Moss in a pot.
Irish Moss
1 Litre pot
Christmas Box Christmas box comes as a mature 20L potted plant from Soto Gardens
Christmas Box
20 Litre pot
Sweet Box Sweet Box comes in a 7.5 litre pot (large).
Sweet Box
5 Litre pot
Green Carpet Japanese Spurge provides green colour all year round for your garden
Green Carpet
2 Litre pot
Ilex Dome - Large - 40cm Ilex Dome Large comes in a 10 litre pot and is 40cm in diameter.
Ilex Dome - Large - 40cm
10 Litre pot
Dwarf Mountain Pine Dwarf Mountain Pine
Dwarf Mountain Pine
8 Litre pot
Irish Green The long, mid-green leaves of the Carex Irish Green grass arch into mounds creating year-long interest.
Irish Green
2 Litre pot
Rozanne Geranium Rozanne has striking violet-blue flowers the shape of saucers.
2 Litre pot
Olive Tree Olive Tree
Olive Tree
From £40.00
Bay Tree Trailing Ivy. Perfect for underplanting at the base of the Bay Tree.
Bay Tree
Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm
Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm
8 Litre pot
Dusky Cranesbill Dusky Cranesbill also known as Geranium phaeum var. phaeum 'Samobor'.
Dusky Cranesbill
2 Litre pot