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How it works

Inspire Gain inspiration from our curated collections
Personalise Customise according to your style and the aspect of your outside space
Deliver Plants are selected from our award-winning nursery and delivered to your door
Empower Receive step by step guidance including planting plans to help you care for your outside space

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The Soto collections have been designed to provide year-round interest to outside space. Each collection is available for borders, window boxes, patios, balconies and front gardens.
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SOTO Green, Sunny, Wide

Read our tips & plant guides

Want more tips and inspiration for your outside space? The Soto Journal contains stories from Soto insiders, styling tips, and plenty of guidance in our Masterclass series.
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Gift of the month

The Big Green EGG is a modern design classic which allows you to create restaurant standard food in your outside space. The MiniMax is ideal for those with a balcony and adventure lovers. The portable barbecue is the perfect solution for those looking for great tasting food on the beach or camping. Ready to cook in 12 minutes, the EGG is so much more than a barbecue, it is an oven, smoker and grill, more importantly, it can be a way of life. There is a reason Soto decided to only stock one barbecue.

Frequently asked questions

What is Soto?
At Soto, we want everyone to have the outside space their home deserves. Our professionally designed planting collections are tailored to your garden conditions. Soto also provides a curated selection of plants and accessories at Garden Centre prices, alongside advice and inspiration.
Can I ask Soto to do the planting for me?
Soto delivers the ingredients for a stylish outside space, but we don’t do the planting. We provide the inspiration, plants, and guidance but we leave the final step to you. Think of us as a meal box delivery service or an interior look book. We show you what you could achieve with your outside space and, most significantly, how to put it together.
How do I look after my plants? I am not green fingered
Each plant arrives with a guide to how best to settle it into its new home. We also provide a series of videos and blogs as part of our Soto Masterclass. The journal contains a jargon- buster and further reading for those wanting to add to their plant knowledge.
What is the cost of the design service?
The designs of the collections are free, you just pay for the plants.
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