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Mastering the Basics

How to plant daffodils

Daffodils signal the start of spring, new beginnings and an exciting time in the garden. In this guide we suggest four key things to remember when planting daffodil bulbs this autumn.

There are four simple things to remember when planting daffodil bulbs this autumn for a pretty display next spring:

1. Plant daffodil bulbs between September and December for best results. If you haven’t planted by December, they won't last for the following year.

2. How deep to plant daffodil bulbs depends on the size of the bulb. As a general rule, 10-15 cm down but larger bulbs need to be deeper. As a guide, the hole should be 2-3 times as deep as the bulb is high.

3. Daffodil bulbs perform best when planted 10 cm apart, with smaller bulbs needing less space and large bulbs requiring more space. 

3. Plant narcissus bulbs in borders or pots. They are a great way of adding pretty spring colour to borders and a pop of interest to patios, courtyards and window boxes.

4. For best flowering results, store bulbs in a cool, frost free, place until you are ready to plant them. Remove bulbs from their packaging so they can get some fresh air, but make sure your pets don’t nibble them. It is important to plant bulbs within the same season that they are supplied.


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