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Mastering the Basics

How to prune Astrantias

Astrantias are superstars in the Soto edits. The stunning clusters of blooms can last all summer if they are well cared for. Just cut back after they have looked their best. Here we give a short step-by-step guide on pruning the Astrantias.


The small, jewel like flowers reminiscent of pin cushions are surrounded by long ruffs are stunning, but the weight of these blooms can sometimes weigh the long stems down. To counter this, prune after the flowers have looked their best to encourage new growth.

Astrantia Shaggy

When to prune your Astrantias?

It is best to prune Astrantias when the flowers are drying out and beginning to look dull. This encourages new, stronger growth and neatens up your garden.

How and where should I cut Astrantias?

Cut the flowering stem to just above any signs of new growth (as demonstrated in the picture)

Pruning Astrantia Shaggy

If possible, cut just below the level of the leaves, under the foliage, to hide the cut and create a tidier garden.
Use Secateurs to do this, Soto are using Felco secateurs in these images.

Pruning an Astrantia Shaggy


Once I’ve cut the flowers away is that it?

No, Astrantias should have another flush this year. They are perennial which means they flower each year.
The flowers that you cut make a beautiful arrangement in a vase.

What should I do after pruning Astrantias?

After pruning the Astrantia try and give the plant a good feed with organic plant food. This will provide extra nutrients to further encourage new growth.

 Vase of Astrantia

Max was seen here demonstrating on an Astrantia Shaggy.
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