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Mastering the Basics

6 steps to planting Allium bulbs

Alliums bring striking bursts of colour and structure between the spring and summer to your garden. In this guide we suggest 6 steps to planting allium bulbs this autumn.

This autumn, follow the steps below for a stunning display of alliums the following spring and summer.

1.Plant allium bulbs between early September and early December.

2. Plant large bulb varieties around 15cm deep. For smaller bulbs, we suggest 10cm deep. Most bulbs should be planted at a depth of roughly 2-3 times their own height.

3.Smaller allium bulbs should be planted 8-10cm apart. Large bulbs should be planted around 15-20cm apart to allow their flower heads to shine. For the XL varieties such Allium Globemaster, allow 30-40cm between each bulb.

4. Plant the bulbs with the pointed side facing up.

5. Plant allium bulbs in borders or pots. They are a great way of adding additional structure to flowerbeds and a pop of colour to patios and courtyards.

6. For best flowering results, store bulbs in a cool, frost free, place until you are ready to plant them. Remove bulbs from their packaging so they can get some fresh air, but make sure your pets don’t nibble them. It is important to plant bulbs within the same season that they are supplied. 

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