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Mastering the Basics

A quick guide: How much water your indoor plant needs

Do you want to understand if you are giving your plants too much or too little water? Read our quick guide on understanding overwater and underwatering and the signs to look out for.

The amount of water an indoor plant needs varies for each type. This information can be found on each plant profile. Below are some top tips to know if you are giving the plant too much water or if it is thirsty and how to get your plant back on track.


Signs of overwatering

If your plant has yellowing leaves, soggy soil, or mold you could be overwatering your plant. Allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions.

How to know you are underwatering

Symptoms of not enough wanted include wilting leaves, dry soil, and stunted growth. Increase watering frequency or adjust the amount of water given.

Know your plant! 

Not all indoor plants have the same water needs. The watering requirements for each plant can be found in the plant profile. 

Plants that originated from the tropics such as the Bird of Paradise and Kentia Palm like consistent moisture levels, but it’s important to avoid waterlogging the soil.

Ferns like a moist soil but it’s important it doesn’t become waterlogged.

Orchids only need water sparingly. It’s important to allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings.


Looking for more tips on watering? Our ultimate guide to watering your indoor plants has everything you need to know to keep your indoor plants well hydrated. 

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