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Our Collections

The Soto collections have been designed to make it simple to have a stylish outside space. The key to making your outside space feel well put-together is to have a scheme; think of it as a capsule wardrobe for your garden. Our award-winning garden designer has created the collections using a selection of plants that work well together. Each collection is available for borders, window boxes, patios, balconies and front gardens.

Soto House 2

Light, airy and with interest at varying heights, the Soto House collection has universal appeal. Featuring explosions of interest using a classic palette of green, white and purple, this collection suits those looking for a traditional garden with a stylish colour scheme

Soto White

Crisp and traditional, Soto White is calming and elegant. Focusing on a sophisticated palette of green and white, the collection has subtle flecks of pink to draw the eye and offer perspective. This timeless collection has been designed to coexist with both a classic and modern interior style.

Soto Herb Kitchen

Full of useful and delicious herbs, the Soto Herb Kitchen makes it easy to start building a kitchen garden

Soto Green

An architectural style with lots of texture, Soto Green is lush and has impact. With contrasting tones and textures, offset with glimpses of white, the collection offers continuous interest.