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Soto has put together an edit of festive delights to deck the halls this Holiday Season. The Christmas Collection encapsulates the Soto high quality, low maintenance approach to help you celebrate in style. Soto have selected the most special Christmas Trees, partnered with the most stylish florist and selected the best accessories for a cohesive Christmas scheme.

Type of Gift
Gift Collections
Soto Gift Card Soto Gift Card
Soto Gift Card
From £25.00
Christmas Box Christmas box comes as a mature 20L potted plant from Soto Gardens
Christmas Box
20 Litre pot
Acer Acer
15 Litre
Hellebore Lisann White flowering Hellebore
Hellebore Lisann
3 Litre pot
Dwarf Mountain Pine Dwarf Mountain Pine
Dwarf Mountain Pine
8 Litre pot
Kew Green Skimmia x Confusa 'Kew Green' is the perfect plant for urban gardens
Kew Green
20 Litre pot
English Maidenhair Fern
English Maidenhair Fern
2 Litre pot
Irish Green The long, mid-green leaves of the Carex Irish Green grass arch into mounds creating year-long interest.
Irish Green
2 Litre pot
Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm
Ilex Dome - Medium - 30cm
8 Litre pot
Japanese Forest Grass Japanese Forest Grass in an Elho pot.
Japanese Forest Grass
2 Litre pot