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Let Soto inspire you...

Soto have curated a selection of plants, tools and accessories for those who want their outside space to be as stylish as their homes interior.
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Agapanthus Navy Blue Agapanthus Navy Blue
Agapanthus Navy Blue
3 Litre pot
Astrantia Shaggy Astrantia Shaggy in a small terracotta pot.
Astrantia Shaggy
2 Litre pot
Salvia Caradonna Salvia caradonna
Salvia Caradonna
2 Litre pot
Five Fingered Maidenhair Fern Five fingered maidenhair fern in a 3 litre nursery pot
Five Fingered Maidenhair Fern
2 Litre pot
Hydrangea Limelight Hydrangea Limelight in a large bamboo pot
Hydrangea Limelight
7.5 Litre pot
Hydrangea Annabelle Hydrangea Annabelle produces large white flowers.
Hydrangea Annabelle
7.5 Litre pot
Herb Kitchen - Large Thyme and terracotta pot.
Herb Kitchen - Large
From £45.00
Copenhagen - Rosa Bergs terracotta pot in medum.
Copenhagen - Rosa
From £40.00
Mexican Feather Grass Mexican Feather Grass and Geranium Rozanne is a perfect pairing.
Mexican Feather Grass
2 Litre pot
Star Jasmine Star Jasmine in a pot.
Star Jasmine
3 Litre pot