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Fuel Starter Kit

Key information

The Fuel Starter Kit is ideal for lighting your first fire on the Big Green Egg. Simply load your EGG with the famous Premium Lumpwood Charcoal, then place a Natural Firestarter in the middle. Lights fast. Burns slow. Ensures your food tastes great.

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Top Tip

When adding charcoal to your Big Green Egg, the best rule of thumb is to stop when you're 5cm below the rim of the Fire Ring.

Ways to cook

A roast with the most

Convection cooking with charcoal. As heat is deflected around your EGG you can roast at a stable, even temperature. Think roast chicken or pork belly; crisp skin, crackling and deliciously moist meat. Perfect for vegetables and whole fish too.

Low & Slow
Take it slow

Turn the temperature down, pour a drink and let the EGG do the hard work for you. Slow cooking is an indirect cooking mode that allows you to break down fats to create tender lamb, succulent brisket and so much more.

A bakers oven

With the EGG'S ConvEGGtor in place, and the addition of a Baking Stone, you can match the results achieved in a wood-fired oven. This means crisp pizza bases, crusty sourdough loaves, or even a flaky-based tarte tatin.

On the grid

Even in its classic barbecue form, the EGG excels. With the ability to crank up the heat and use a range of cooking surfaces, you can ensure your steaks, fish and vegetables acheive restaurant level results.

Holy smoke

Bring the temperarture down, add a few woodchips to your charcoal, and watch as the smoke circulates around the dome of your EGG, adding a delicate flavour to a whole host of barbecue favourites.

Pan Cooking
Flavour lock

Enhance your favourite chilli or stew, add depth to your weekend eggs and make sauces to remember by cooking them over fire on your EGG. Keep the Dome closed and lock the flavour in.


Big Green EGG

Owning a Big Green EGG can be a lifestyle. The patented ceramics mean alfresco cooking is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. It takes minutes to heat up meaning mid-week meals can be as delicious as weekend feasts. A Big Green EGG is for those who have a passion for the finer things in life.

The Big Green EGG story began in the 1970’s but the technology has ancient routes. Founder Ed Fischer first discovered kamado style cookers during World War 2 when posted in Asia and was impressed by the flavour these cookers created. Later, in the 1970’s when looking to diversify his pin ball machine business for the summer months, he started to import Japanese kamados. Striving for excellence he developed his own cooker using contemporary production techniques and materials. Partly due to the ceramics, which use technology developed by NASA, these ancient, traditional clay ovens were further developed into special, fully fledged outdoor cookers. 

The current generation of Big Green Eggs is the result of a combination of ancient wisdom and innovative technology.

What's in the box

Premium 100% Natural Lump Oak & Hickory Charcoal

Natural Instant Fire Starters

Lights fast, cooks for ages

The lumpwood charcoal is made from 100% hickory and oak meaning one batch can last up to 24 hours. It takes just 10 minutes to light with one a firelighter.

Nothing toxic

Unlike some charcoal, this is totally free from toxins, accelerants and harmful chemicals.

100% Lumpwood

Hickory and oak combine to give this charcoal the deepest and most characterful flavour.

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