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The EGGniter makes lighting your barbecue even easier, there is no need to struggle with damp matches or windy weather again! For time-saving efficiency and guaranteed results, ignite with the fire setting then switch to fan to really get things going. Butane not included.

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SOTO GARDENS EDITS AND COLLECTIONS: Soto deliver nationwide for all individual plants, pots and accessories via our courier partner, DPD within 3-7 working days. Outdoor plants will be delivered from the 18th March, a member of the Soto team will be in touch closer to the time. From the 18th March, Soto border collections are hand delivered within 3-7 working days to Greater London and the Home Counties. Please get in touch if you live outside these areas. Delivery is free for all orders over £50. For orders under £50, we charge £6. If you would like your order delivered after this period, please let us know when you’d like to take receipt in the delivery notes. Soto Guests, including BIG GREEN EGG and FLOWERBX are delivered in accordance with their T&C’s. Please see our delivery and returns page for more information. Please contact Soto if you’ve any questions.
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When adding charcoal to your Big Green Egg, the best rule of thumb is to stop when you're 5cm below the rim of the Fire Ring.

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Big Green EGG

Owning a Big Green EGG can be a lifestyle. The patented ceramics mean alfresco cooking is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. It takes minutes to heat up meaning mid-week meals can be as delicious as weekend feasts. A Big Green EGG is for those who have a passion for the finer things in life.

The Big Green EGG story began in the 1970’s but the technology has ancient routes. Founder Ed Fischer first discovered kamado style cookers during World War 2 when posted in Asia and was impressed by the flavour these cookers created. Later, in the 1970’s when looking to diversify his pin ball machine business for the summer months, he started to import Japanese kamados. Striving for excellence he developed his own cooker using contemporary production techniques and materials. Partly due to the ceramics, which use technology developed by NASA, these ancient, traditional clay ovens were further developed into special, fully fledged outdoor cookers. 

The current generation of Big Green Eggs is the result of a combination of ancient wisdom and innovative technology.

Lighting the EGG

When adding charcoal to your Big Green Egg, the best rule of thumb is to stop when you're 5cm below the rim of the Fire Ring — for the right amount of clearance beneath your cooking surfaces.

Make sure that your EGGniter is filled with gas. Slide across the safety lock and simultaneously press the Ignition button to light. For a constant flame, press the Ignition and Hold buttons at the same time. Point the flame at a piece of charcoal and hold. Don't be tempted to rest it directly in the charcoal or leave it unattended as this isn't safe and can damage the EGGniter.

Once you achieve white embers, press the Air Blower and Hold buttons simultaneously. Blow air onto the lit charcoal for a few minutes. When are you satisfied that you have got a good fire going, press the Air Blower button again to turn it off.

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