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Mastering the Basics

How to plant a border

Learn how to plant your chosen Soto border.

Planting your plants in your border

Before planting your plants into the border, make sure they have had a good drink of water. Being transported can be traumatic for plants and their soil can dry out. Submerge all the roots into water until air bubbles stop rising. We have a Soto Masterclass video on this if you’d like more detail.

With the plants ready and soil prepared it is time to plant. In their pots, place the plants where you would like to plant them. Following the Soto planting plan like a map, letting the image guide you as to the best position. Think of this as a paint by numbers plan for your border.

Starting with the largest plant, take the pot and wiggle it into the soil to make a mark. This provides a guide on the size and placement of the hole.

Dig a hole that’s slightly deeper and wider than the plant. Put the displaced soil next to the hole, you will need it again a little later. For smaller plants use a hand trowel and for larger plants you might find a garden spade more useful.

Add a handful of compost to the bottom of the hole. This is to feed the plant and give it a boost of nutrients it will need to become established in the border. Refer to the individual Soto plant profile for specific feeding guidance.

Turn the plant over and give the bottom of the pot a tap to release it. Tease the roots out a little to loosen them and encourage them to spread into their new surroundings. This process is the same as when potting a plant as shown in this Masterclass video.

Place the plant into the hole and backfill with the displaced soil and gently firm it to compact. Once planted, add a handful of mulch or extra compost on top. The nutrients will be taken down to the roots by the worms.

Once all of your plants are in give them a good drink and then water regularly until the they are established. There are details on the Soto plant page with suggested care tips for all plants in the Soto edit.


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