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5 Plants for Winter Interest

Will Williams, Soto’s Creative Director and winner of several RHS medal-winning gardens, suggests five plants to help you create your own Winter Wonderland.

What to plant in autumn for a wonderful winter garden. 

Planning ahead is always a good idea! As we enter autumn it is important to prepare and winterproof our outside space. Often, gardens can be seen from the principal rooms so seasonal interest is key. 

Planting in Autumn

Remember, your homes interior is a great place to look for inspiration. Your style should continue into your garden through to your planting. If looking for instant impact as well as a great show in winter, consider when the plant flowers and the size of the nursery pot the plant arrives in. At Soto most plants arrive in 7.5 litre pot or two or three litre pot. Whilst you want an instant look, plants that come back year after year are much better for the environment and are better value for money.
These five plants should encourage you to spend more of the year in your outside space, perhaps lighting up your Big Green Egg or just enjoying being with nature.

Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa tenuissima).

This grass brings movement and texture to your garden all year round. I love the colour and how it develops throughout the year. It starts green before fading to a buff colour adding to the colour palette of your garden. Also known as 'Angel Hair', the grass plays in the wind and is joined by feathery seed heads in the summer. It is great creating structure in a border or in pots on a patio bringing another texture to the scheme. 

Mexican Feather Grass

Sweet Box (Sarcococca hookeriana Winter Gem)

This plant provides fragrant and visual interest in winter. It has glossy green leaves with sweet smelling, small white flowers which are followed by black berries in late spring and summer. Well received by wildlife at this time of year

Sweet Box

Dwarf Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo 'Mops')

The Dwarf Mountain Pine offers colour, structure and texture to your outside space throughout the year, so it looks great now and at Christmas. It is almost indestructible and only requires a little attention, the architectural value it brings to a garden is beautiful. 

Dwarf Mountain Pine

Bay Tree (Laurus nobilis)

The Bay Tree is a classic for good reason, it instantly updates an entrance way. Perfect for positioning by the front door and giving instant kerb appeal.  It can provide small yellow-greenish flowers in spring and berries in autumn. 

Bay Tree

Taxus Dome (Taxus baccata)

The Taxus Dome is brilliant for ensuring your garden looks smart all year round. It provides sturdy structure to your outside space and is great planted in borders or in pots or windowsill boxes. The leaves are like dark green needles and provide a consistent strong backdrop to other plants in your scheme. As a bonus, animals love the small red berries.

Taxus Dome

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