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In the Garden With...Jimmy Scott, co-founder of Koy Clothing

A low maintenance, high impact approach to gardening is a popular brief to garden designers. It was also  the topic of the latest ‘in the garden with’ interview series where we speak to garden lovers, business people and home makers.

Interesting flashes of colour can really elevate a design. Agapanthus are a popular choice when adding purple or blue to a scheme. Otherwise known as the African Lily, they bring high impact memories of home to Jimmy Scott, co-founder of Koy Clothing.

Agapanthus Navy Blue with Kenyan brand Koy Clothing

What makes your outside space an extension of your home?

I travel a lot, so I need my outside space to be very low maintenance, but I also want to feel at home when I return. I’ve focused on planting pots with evergreen plants such as Taxus Domes and Pines so there is always something going on with textures and structure all year. 
I also have African Lilies (Agapanthus) as they remind me of Africa and I love how the rich colour pops against the green of the other plants.  

Where is your favourite garden?

Kenya as a whole. It's a garden that never ends... 

Plant and Pot collection including an Agapanthus with Salvia Caradonna, Mexican Feather Grass and Geranium Rozanne

What is the story behind the brand? 

I founded Koy with my brother Alastair. We were born and raised in Africa and are on a mission to support and give back to the continent we grew up in. We give over 50% of our revenue to sustainable projects within the Kenyan communities that inspire our designs, supporting the people the place and the wildlife. 

How do you like to entertain?

There is nothing better than firing-up a barbeque and relaxing with friends. I’ve a Big Green Egg, I like to experiment what I can cook with it.

Soto co-founder Will Williams with Koy Clothing co-founder Jimmy Scott

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