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In the Garden With...Tom and Dina, Founders of eto Wine

Alfresco dining with friends is one of the great joys of life. Creating the perfect ambience for entertaining and the importance of both style and function were the main themes in the next of our ‘in the garden with’ interview series where we speak to garden lovers, businesspeople and home makers.
Next in our series, we chat to husband and wife team Tom and Dina, Founders of eto Wine on a London rooftop garden, where the urban skyline is softened by Hydrangea Annabelles, Mexican Feather Grass and Agapanthus Navy Blue, providing the perfect backdrop for a catch up over some snacks and a glass of wine.

Alfresco dining and balcony planting with eto Wine and Soto Gardens

What makes an outside space feel like an extension of your home?

A few years ago we removed part of our garden fence and built a crisp white rendered wall with a planter with a floating bench and table. We can squeeze lots of family and friends on the L-shaped bench, for drinks and dinner outside. We do tend to eat outside a lot over the summer months, and typically have a barbecue when friends come over. Our kids also love eating outside, and so the whole area essentially becomes an outdoor dining room.

Where is your favourite garden?

We’ve always loved Kew Gardens. Spring is one of our favourite times to visit. The sea of crocus… the amazing walks amongst the Rhododendron Dell… the olive trees in the Mediterranean garden. As well as the cool ad hoc exhibitions, we could go on…

How do you entertain in your garden?

It’s only small (its London!), but we have a patio with a decent-sized table, and BBQ - which we’re using more and more (it’s just been too hot to cook inside!) We do love to cook and entertain. We love cooking Persian food, so that will normally be on the menu whatever the weather. We recently made a great starter of burnt peaches and burrata topped with basil and pistachios, which we paired with a rich and spicy Viognier.

Food and outdoor plants

How do you bring your personal style to your home environment?

With regards to plants, we go the Med/Aegean Sea. Vines, olive trees, lavender, herbs, and jasmine, smell divine and even we can keep them alive!
Generally, style and function are key elements of our home environment.

Lavender in a Patt Pot - Soto Gardens

What is the story behind eto?

The eto story began in 2012, with the ambition to reduce wine waste and enhance drinking pleasure for wine lovers around the world.
During development, we built more than 60 functioning prototypes in the quest for the perfect wine preservation system. The result is a sleek and simple, yet highly effective, wine preserving decanter that is simple to use.
The name eto is a nod to Tom’s Welsh roots… eto means ‘again’ in Welsh, which perfectly sums up the joy of being able to enjoy a great bottle of wine – again and again.


Tom and Dina Founders of eto Wine in conversation with Soto Gardens

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