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How to select the best Christmas tree (and keep it looking that way)

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree but knowing how to select the best Christmas tree and how to keep your Christmas tree fresh can be a challenge. In this guide, Will Williams, Soto Co-founder, creative director and five times RHS medal winner highlights five tips for the best Christmas tree this Holiday season.

Looking for a standout Christmas tree to be the centre piece of your festivities? Follow these suggestions for the best quality, low maintenance Christmas tree that will last you to the New Year.

  • Shape is important as it's the centrepiece of your Christmas scene. The Nordmann Fir is a traditional pyramid shape, perfect for displaying your Christmas decorations.
  • Proven quality of a Christmas tree can be hard to know. Purchase your tree where excellent customer service and a knowledgeable team are at the heart of what they do. Soto Nordmann Firs are grown on an award-winning farm in Devon.
  • How to get your Christmas tree home? Soto Christmas trees are freshly cut and are hand delivered across London by a member of the Soto team
  • Water your tree often. Don’t forget to keep the water in the stand topped up throughout the festive season. Father Christmas isn’t the only one that likes a festive drink! I’d recommend topping up the stand every few days.
  • Keep your tree cool. To keep your Christmas tree looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible, position away from a heat source such as radiators and fires.

Soto has selected the best quality Christmas Trees to take any stress away from buying a Christmas tree so you can focus on hanging the decorations, opening presents, and enjoying the Christmas lights. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


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