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In the Garden With...Ronny Colbie

Next in our ‘In the Garden With’ series we’ve spoken to Ronny Colbie to celebrate our Christmas collaboration offering fresh, handmade wreaths and award-winning Christmas trees.

Soto has partnered with Ronny Colbie to bring the best real Christmas wreaths. The Ronny Colbie studio is known as the destination of refined floristry. A Ronny Colbie wreath on your front door sets the scene for a magical Christmas. The wreaths can be delivered next day nationwide.

What makes an outside space feel like an extension of your home? 

Gardens to me are like interiors, it takes a lifetime of knowledge to develop taste when creating a timeless look and feel. When planning the prefect garden, they should be planned similarly to how one plans interiors. Sure, a lot of home and gardens are trend led designs, but selections are based on individual taste to ensure the garden suits their home, personality, and functionality. Planning a perfect garden, whether it is Evergreen, English Country, Meadow in style, should suit your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a busy family you may not have the ability to maintain a tumbling and wild English Garden and should look for something low maintenance. A person who doesn’t like working in the garden may prefer a simpler garden, which may go hand in hand with a minimalist interior. Gardens speak volumes about personality, they offer tranquillity and calm just like interiors.   

Where is your favourite garden? 

My favourite garden is in my Cotswold Village Little Compton. The garden sits in the Manor, which belongs to the Reid Business school. Each year they open the gates allowing villagers and those interested to explore the grounds. For me it is an annual tradition for my family, and I take much inspiration for my own garden and career as a florist and designer.

What makes real wreaths so special?

Our Ronny Colbie wreaths are so special because they are inspired by a truly traditional British Christmas aesthetic. Each wreath is handwoven using locally sourced evergreen foliage, which adds a unique texture to its base like no other. We use decorative items to create a theme for each wreath, this year’s collection is designed and inspired on Classic Christmas films. A fresh wreath is a warm welcome to those you bring into your home at Christmas time and for passers-by. Wreaths symbolise joy and have become a tradition throughout the UK for generations.

How best to care for a real Christmas wreath?

To best look after a real Christmas wreath, take it out of its box as soon as it arrives. These wreaths are designed to be hung outside on a front door using the ribbon provided. To prolong the life of your wreath, keep it away from direct rainfall. It is important not to display or store them near draughts, direct sunlight, or radiators.

How do you bring your personal style to your home environment?

When it comes to me designing for my homes, both interiors and throughout the garden, I try and understand its surroundings. I spend time reading about heritage properties like my own and what characteristics I want to encompass. I work with colour and only purchase items to compliment other pieces. To create effortless and timeless design, both inside and out of the home, it is important to think about how each item works alongside each other and once you close your door or open it up to join the garden, does the theme carry tastefully throughout.  

What’s the story behind the Ronny Colbie brand?

After having worked as a lead designer for other luxury flower brands, hotel groups and restaurants, I developed a refined taste for English floral design. I learnt that flower arrangements are the vocal point of any room. I designed my first collections to elevate my customers homes and spaces.  When creating my brand aesthetic and product range, I wanted my customers to relate to it like art, not simply created to be ostentatious and wowed, but more so respected and appreciated. Flowers in my opinion do not look tasteful just because you spent loads of money on them. Flowers to me are my art. My goal when creating my brand was to tell stories through our product ranges, capturing customers who truly love flowers and design, creating memories with the most beautiful blooms.

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